Kyle ‘Maynerd’ Lunneborg


Originally from lake country Minnesota, Kyle ‘Maynerd’ Lunneborg is an artist ≈ Illustrator, painter, muralist, designer and photographer working in Edinburgh Scotland, and Seattle, WA.

The name Maynerd was given by his grandfather at a young age, and later became his artist monicker while working in Seattle, WA. With an illustration and design background, Maynerd began experimenting with clear coats with his paintings, searching for a glass like finish. In this process he stumbled upon using epoxy resin, and the ability to build a piece in layers, the result has become his signature painting style. 

His illustrations, and layered resin paintings are exhibited frequently, with recent shows in London, Seattle, Jackson, Philadelphia, Portland, Minneapolis, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


Nawrthen [nawr th ern] began after purchasing the same hand-me-down 70’s Minolta X-GM he learned to take photos with in his teens and early twenties. The original thought behind the project was to use the photos as background elements within his paintings - But the process of taking a ‘good’ photo, the addictiveness, and the beauty of analog quickly rolled into an obsession. What this has become, is a new outlet for artistic expression - but the original purpose remains in tact. Maynerd & Nawrthern co-exist, working together, but separate.